amsl goes FOLIO

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SHACL – “Shackles” for better data quality

Linked data technologies were originally designed to publish semantically enriched data on the web, to connect heterogeneous data sets and to allow for a better information retrieval. Thus the focus of Linked Data ontologies and vocabularies is interoperability and not restriction of data. Ontologies help to draw conclusions and to see information in a broader… Read More »

Three further amsl users in Saxony

The new EFRE project phase comprises a work package which aims to implement amsl for three additional university libraries in Saxony. From now on the Saxon State and University Library Dresden (SLUB), the Chemnitz University Library as well as the Freiberg University Library are users of the amsl ERM software. Existing data from predecessor systems… Read More »

(Deutsch) Neues Datenmodell – zwischen TIPPs und Kooperationen

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Knowledge Bases


  1. Local
  2. OpenID

Do you really want to delete this model?